My goal and directive was to design the UI and brand direction for a great educational startup that offers

highly interactive Show & Tell video clips you can create to easily explain things to the world.


The design includes animated illustrations and product descriptor modules.

branding & website 

By streamlining the visuals and presenting each solution type on a single, scrolling page with clear calls to action, the design makes it easy for first time users to quickly get acquainted with the product anywhere.

Watch presentations


A new communication platform

Tutorials and introductions

Brand Director / Interactive Art Director


Design included developing  the brand look and feel, crafting the various desktop site versions, finding and manipulating marquee images, developing strong messaging, creating illustrations, and creating any supplemental icons, graphics and a style guide.

My Role

I had to deliver the visuals for an educational product in a fun way that gives you the tools to create presentations and learn to create presentations. Illustrations, animations and colorful visuals were the solution.