Hello. I'm Derek.


As a Creative Director, Art Director and Designer, I have led and supported Design visions on small to large projects for companies like Apple, Intuit, Keynote, Guidewire, and others.


I have experience providing brand strategy, problem solving, concept development, web/new media design, print design and team leadership for start-ups and globally recognized brands.


I aim to connect users needs with business goals by delivering creative, customer focused, strategic design solutions. I enjoy working in a holistic approach with a focus on CX. 


My track record of successfully delivering proven results in digital design, integrated marketing, print, experiential design, project management, copywriting, illustration and video can be verified by happy clients and Stakeholders.  My experience is with various sectors such as; Saas product, B2B, B2C, technology, social media, healthcare, fin-tech, hospitality, e-commerce, green-tech and retail.


My mission is to create experiences that delight and engage customers, leading to trust, conversion and lasting relationships between customers and businesses.




Web Marketing Associations WebAward 2014:



B2B Standard of Excellence


Information Services Standard of Excellence


Technology Standard of Excellence


Website Redesign Standard of Excellence


Addy Award for Innovative Design



1) While growing up, my family had two pet skunks, one named Fifi, the other named Rose.


2) I'm an expert in 1950's Japanese tin robot toys 


3) I've been in several rock bands and enjoy unwinding on a vintage Gretsch guitar


4) I designed the world's first men's and women's Pro Model snowboard graphics


5) I love technology and am eager to see how AI tools will enrich our lives



Reach out to me on LinkedIn below, or for questions or a pdf of my resume, use this contact form. I am more than happy to hear about your ideas, brainstorm, discuss your projects or tell you about my work.



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